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Personable and Engaging

Your occasion is all about you and your guests....

Keeping an event flowing in the most appropriate manner will create great results and long term benefits. Allow yourself to be fully involved in the occasion and don't miss an opportunity that a gathering of people can bring.

Considerations For a Successful Occasion

There is a unique blend of circumstances that is appropriate for your event and its goals. Defining this blend and following it through the planning stages will result in an occasion that reflects and enhances everything about your brand and what you mean to your audience.

Should your event be one or the other of these pairs of words, or indeed somewhere in the middle?

  • Focused/Relaxed

  • Informative/Entertaining

  • Serious/Sociable

  • Marketing/Educating

  • Mandatory/Voluntary

Some of these word pairs may conjure up similar connotations however when mixing one with the other they combine to produce the uniqueness of each event - and therefore the potential to be perceived as successful or otherwise. We need to be considering all aspects of the aim and scope of the event to enable a hugely successful result to occur.

Bring the guests in to the equation and then apply their expectations to the proceedings! There are so many variations here too as most events will need to consider a number of these groups and others as well.

  • ​Colleagues

  • Customers

  • Prospective Customers

  • Business or Social Dignitaries

  • Shareholders

  • Suppliers

Think of your event as a 3-dimensional puzzle. It's a dynamic organism that needs to be fine tuned to gain maximum success from whichever angle you perceive it, or through whoever's eyes you may be looking. 

As your Host or MC, I will consider all the objectives of your event and apply the principles listed here to make sure I fully understand how I will contribute to the success of your occasion. Accomplishing my role will help you achieve your goals and therefore enjoy the resulting benefits.

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