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Read on for personal support for you and also for your fellow speakers... 

Over the last 11 years I have witnessed not just the delivery of thousands of speeches at many hundreds of weddings and events but also the reaction they have caused and the feelings of the speakers afterwards. The speeches bring to a close a certain part of the day and set the tone for its remainder. They also give the opportunity for reflection on years and often a lifetime of memories whilst setting the scene for the decades to come. The dynamics of relationships between family members as well as extended groups of friends often mean there are questions about the best way to approach matters of an individual or group nature…. some of this may be delicate, some less so but the importance of getting it right is just as relevant.


I’d be delighted to share these experiences in an online meeting with one or all of the speakers and apply my experience to the specific requirements of your celebration. By encouraging all speakers to attend and share the experience together some great camaraderie and support is being developed well in advance of the occasion itself. Of great value too is the chance to spend one-on-one time in a personal web meeting discussing your own plans and ironing out any concerns you may have.

 Whether it is one speaker or all, I will use my knowledge to help you play your part in an amazing day, feeling confident and prepared when you stand followed by happiness and satisfaction when you sit, knowing you have done your best. As well as building on the 7 Top Tips, some of the things we will discuss in specific reference to your wedding will be……

➡ Interaction between speakers  - avoiding the use of content twice and           how to refer to your fellow speakers

➡ Content - definite no-nos and important inclusions 

➡ How to deal with difficult or emotional family situations.

➡ Absent friends or family?

➡ What if I have 2 or more Best Men?

➡ How much or how little formality is needed?

➡ When is the best time for the speeches - what are the pros and cons?

➡ Holding the audience and keeping things relevant

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To make your booking contact Andrew on 07818 421237 or andrew@andrewdmorgan.com