Should I Follow Tradition...?

When planning a wedding it is only natural to think about your own experience of being a guest

and also to ask the opinions of others close to you. Decisions have to be made on how to arrange the day and also what aspects of tradition should be included and those that may be left out. Here are a handful of thoughts that may be going through your head....

  • I loved the atmosphere of one wedding.

  • People didn't seem to mix at another wedding.

  • It was lovely to see traditions being observed.

  • Wasn't it great to see different ideas being incorporated together.

  • What would my parents think about my plans?

  • How do we please everybody?

It is important to remember that the vast majority of weddings either meet or exceed the expectations of both the Bride and Groom and their family and friends. Why? Because you will be good at making decisions that fit your best needs and will be appreciated by those close to you, so let that give you confidence. The overwhelming reason for this is that people are overjoyed for you and want to contribute to the memories of a great occasion. The finer details, hugely important in the planning of the day, will come together to create the overall effect and contribute to the feelings you and your guests have about the wedding day that will last long in to the future.

So how about some information and reassurance that you are on the right track for what you hope to achieve? As already stated, you will have your thoughts and the opinions of others can be very helpful.... but how about the results of a comprehensive and professional survey?

Here is a link to the results of a survey carried out by YouGov which used a sample of 1692 UK adults. It makes fascinating reading for those getting married and for those involved in the planning and delivery of weddings. There is a straightforward and interesting analysis and then if you wish to see the results in further detail you can follow the relevant link in the article. I won't repeat the findings here, take a look and come to your own conclusions and what they may mean for your own particular plans...

Andrew is an experienced Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. He also helps wedding speakers with their planning and confidence prior to the Big Day.

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