Start 2019 Now! Get Ahead Of The Pack

So it's the middle of November and your views of the current season could be quite polarised - especially relevant if you are in a relationship! But as with most situations an opportunity arises....

On one hand the view could be taken that summer is long gone and the dark evenings seem to be stretching ahead for months so let's mentally hibernate until March - not good in work or personal life because as its been said we should make the most of every day. The view from the other metaphorical hand is that "Wow" Christmas ahead, lots of parties to look forward to, let's not concentrate too much on work or other projects and get ready for Christmas and the New Year and concern ourselves with other matters sometime in mid January!

The interesting result from both of these competing sets of circumstances is actually the same despite the the thought processes being wildly different. Projects, planning and our vision of what we wish to achieve in 2019 are put on hold and we let the current November situation we are in rule our thoughts and deeds.

I have found through experience that the years in which I have set out early to create results have been the most successful of my life - whether in career and business or family and relationships. About 15 years ago I was introduced to the concept of starting the New Year in November - plan what you want to achieve, visualise the results you are looking for and put in the groundwork now in November and December. Instead of greeting the first Monday of January with a metaphorical or real hangover induced by the comedown after a fabulous holiday season, or the realisation that the dark nights are still here for another three months; greet it with confidence and zest knowing the direction you are taking.

So if you are reading this and you are getting married next year don't put off till January some tasks or research that can be done now. Wedding suppliers are traditionally busy with marketing activities in the autumn and as soon as January comes around again and onwards through till the spring. From around now and through December enquiries can be fewer - not for all but certainly for a substantial number. So grab the attention of those suppliers you've been meaning to call, organise some quotes or visit some venues. You'll be ahead of the game and with information to consider or bookings made, the long dark winter can yield some amazing results for the sunny days ahead.

Andrew is an experienced Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. He also helps wedding speakers with their planning and confidence prior to the Big Day.

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