Why A Great MC or Conference Host is Crucial for your Event’s Success

MC Conference Host crucial for success of event

The expectations of the different groups of attendees at corporate functions can be very diverse. Clearly organisers, delegates, staff members, sponsors and and the representatives of other vested interests arrive in the same space together for their purpose and with differing intentions of engagement.

There are numerous practical and statistical ways to measure the perceived success of an event and these can be very useful to helping benchmark the results and gather feedback for continuous improvement.

However - those events that live in the memory and are talked about for months, years or even decades in to the future require an all round perception of positivity from all attendees regardless of their reasons for being there.

Can you think of the most memorable and successful events you attended? They may range from a relatively formal industry conference to a company product or service launch right through to a social event for one of many notable occasions. How did you feel? What were your emotions? What did you take away over and above any increased knowledge or understanding? The chances are you felt included, part of a team, had the ability to contribute or feel empowered regardless of the reason you were there and therefore felt valued.

The achievement of these results is dependent on various elements all working well together. A competent and professional event organiser will weave all the aspects of planning together and with their experience and eye for detail create a perfect canvas for the event to play out on.

Looking at it from a Host or MC’s contribution - by understanding who the stakeholder groups are and why they are attending gives them a crucial clue to delivering the proceedings in the desired ambience and at the right pace. This is far more than taking a brief and delivering an agenda, it is using experience of people, characters and the dynamics of groups to help all attendees leave with feelings such as those you have remembered from events that struck the chord in you that made them both memorable and hugely successful.

Andrew is a professional MC and toastmaster and will host your event to ensure your guests leave with a high level of satisfaction and your organisation’s reputation is further enhanced. For further Information please visit www.andrewdmorgan.com/corporate

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