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Confident Wedding Speech

Find out how you can have the confidence, skills and tactics to deliver a strong, appropriate and memorable wedding speech 

Father of the Bride, Groom, Best Man, Bride and others, all will find these tips and hints invaluable.

Be The Best You Can Be

There are a multitude of questions to think about when preparing a wedding speech.... and once you know the answers that are right for your celebration you need to have the confidence to stand and deliver it to your best ability.  Some examples..

  • For how long should I speak?

  • Who do I need to mention?

  • Should I inject some humour?

  • Script, bullet points or none at all?

  • How do I propose a toast?

  • What if I forget something or someone?

  • My wedding is a little different to most......?


Find the answers to these and other points in the essential e-book.

 "7 Top Tips for a Confident Wedding Speech" 

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Bride's Escort

Deliver a heartfelt memorable speech that will live long in the memories of the bride, your family and close friends. Savour the moment as you reflect on the years gone by and anticipate those yet to come.


The speech that has something for everyone, your bride, parents, wedding party and guests. Feel at your most confident as you take to your feet knowing you are prepared and ready to find the perfect mix. 

Best Man

With the honour of being the Best Man comes the responsibility for making a memorable speech. Make it a great one for all the right reasons. You feel confident as you deliver your speech based on your strengths and character.

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Be prepared and confident for your big moment. Your wedding speech brings an opportunity to contribute immensely to the atmosphere of the day and the overall success of the occasion. Take a step now to ensuring you are ready to be your best by reading The 7 Top Tips and sharing with all your fellow speakers.

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"7 Top Tips for a Confident Wedding Speech"